Why do Teeth get Darker as We Get Older?

Posted on 4/10/2018 by Arizona Heights Dentistry
Tooth Color Arizona Heights Dentistry AZ 85086There are a variety of reasons why your teeth may grow discolored. These are things that can happen as you get older.

Understanding what these factors are will help you to maintain a healthier smile as you age.

Why Age Plays A Factor In Tooth Color

One of the most common factors that cause teeth to get darker as you get older is nature. This has to do with the hard, outer tissue that covers your teeth, which is known as enamel.

As you grow older this wears off your teeth, exposing the dark dentin that lies beneath the enamel. When this happens, your teeth will look more yellow instead of their natural white color.

Sometimes your teeth will grow darker before you've aged much. Dental plaque often plays a large role here. This is a biofilm that's caused by bacteria in your mouth and that colonizes on your teeth's surface.

When it first appears, the biofilm is soft enough that you can scrape it off with your fingernail. However, in about 48 hours it starts hardening. In about 10 days it will turn into tartar, which you'll need to visit our office to have removed.

When we see you for an appointment, we will use special tools to scrape the tartar off your teeth. This will help your teeth from looking old. However, there are some things that you can also do in the comfort of your own home. These preventative measures will also keep your teeth looking young.

They include brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. We can also talk to you about what type of toothpaste you should use. This is important because there are toothpastes that are specially formulated to counteract plaque formation. So, make sure you make an appointment and talk to us about this today.
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