When is the Right Time to Seek Help from Dental Wax?

Posted on 3/27/2018 by Arizona Heights Dentistry
Dental Wax Arizona Heights Dentistry AZ 85086Have you ever used dental wax? It is a great tool, when the time is right. Do you know when you are supposed to use it? Most people have never heard of it unless they went through braces.

It is a great way to protect your mouth when there is something sharp or irritating in your mouth. If you ever find yourself in that type of situation, dental wax can become your best friend.

Using Dental Wax

If you ever have a tooth crack, break, or chip, then you want to use dental wax to cover the sharp edge. The enamel of your teeth is incredibly strong. When it breaks, it can become razor sharp.

This can hurt the surrounding teeth, gums, and your cheeks and tongue. If you were to put a bit of dental wax over the sharp edge, you can quickly cover up that edge and prevent that type of damage.

Ideally, as soon as you damage a tooth, you want to call us and come in. However, we know that there may be reasons on both ends where you cannot be seen the second a tooth has a problem.

That is why you should seek help from a bit of dental wax until you can make it in to be seen. You do not want to try and eat with dental wax in if you can help it, but it should be tacky enough to stay put while drinking something simple like water.

Call us if you ever have an issue with your teeth. We want you to come in and get it checked out right away. However, until you can get into our chair, make sure you cover up the sharp edges with a bit of dental wax. Your teeth will thank you for it later!
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