Your Tongue Can Give You Halitosis

Posted on 2/27/2018 by Arizona Heights Dentistry
Halitosis Arizona Heights Dentistry AZ 85086The mouth is a pretty disgusting place. Not only does it house millions of tiny, tiny germs and bacteria but it can also smell when it is not taken care of. This is because the bacteria in the mouth sit there for some time.

This causes the bacteria to multiply and it can cause the inside of the mouth to smell. This is halitosis or bad breath. Many people suffer from this throughout the world and often times it is due to not having the best brushing techniques.

Brushing Your Entire Mouth Makes a Difference

Many people think that you only have to brush the outside of your teeth in order to have a clean mouth. This is not true. You would have to clean the outside of the teeth, the tongue, the inside of the cheeks, the gums and everywhere else.

With the best brushing and flossing, the mouth is able to reduce the amount of bacteria that is found in it, allowing the person to reduce the bad breath that they experience.

This is good for those of you that have a date coming up and want to have the freshest breath with minimal bacteria hiding in it. Remember, not all of the bacteria in the mouth is bad bacteria.

Some of the bacteria is necessary in order to clean out the mouth and keep it healthy. However, when the bad bacteria multiply inside the mouth, this is when build up and bad breath happens, which is why regular brushing throughout the day is required.

If you want to know more about having a cleaner mouth or want to make an appointment for a cleaning, give our office a call. We are more than happy to set you up with a time that works to ensure that you have cleaner, healthier teeth overall. No one should have to deal with bad breath.
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